Are You On The Radar? Can Customers Find You?

How do people find your business?

Find Your Small BusinessYou develop your business to have street appeal and entice people to visit your store. What could be done to bring in those that haven’t discovered your store yet?

Local radio, billboard, newspaper (very expensive) and flyer advertising is required to spread your reach beyond your street frontage. Word of mouth is the strongest form of advertising, and you are already encouraging your clientele to tell their friends about your amazing products or service. You are already well aware that relying on foot traffic can be very limiting.

Could a website help?

Current technology gives consumers the ability to find the products and services they require right in their pocket. Smart phones, tablets and super lightweight laptops connected to mobile internet services or Wi-Fi giving people the ability to search for what they want while on the go.

You don’t have to sell to the world to have a website. Having a website could enable you the ability to spread the word of your products and services well beyond the confines of your location. But the best result would be for you to be able to sell your business to those who are local, and just haven’t found you yet. Google search is the consumers best resource to find the most suitable suppliers and services for their needs. Your business could use this resource to enable you to be found. With a website link you can then sell your business, on your turf.

Have your website found by Google.

Tradies working on their BusinessThough a website is potentially a good way to be found by consumers, if no one knows you exist how can they enter in your website address? This is the problem of many websites on the internet. There are so many websites on the internet that when the search engines sort them, your site might still not be found by consumers. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) provides search engines with the ability to find and rank your site in the search results. Google is the largest and most popular search engine on the internet. Providing Google with the information they like, to assist them to properly rank your website, is important.

Social media integration.

As we have already said, word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising. Most business have embraced Facebook and or Twitter into their business advertising. This is a smart move as these recommendations gives people the confidence to deal with your business. To fully leverage this positive advertising, integrating social media into your website gives your website more respect and trust. If your current website doesn’t have social media integrated then you could be missing a large opportunity to advertise or sell to your followers.

Maps location finder.

Having your website found is important for you to advertise and promote your business. But having your business found is even more important.

Location maps have the ability to show points of interest or business’s in the area. If you are not found on a local map it makes it difficult for your customers to come to you. Having a map on your website and being located on Google Maps could be the edge you need to be found in your locality.

Having a Local Internet Presence is more than a having a little website with your name on it. You need to be found and you need to be talked about. Prove to the world that you are the best in your field, and you are local.

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