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Google is not the only game in town


Google Plus For BusinessHas your business claimed your Google Plus Listing? Google has provided all businesses the ability to create an online presence through an integrated suite of searchable sites. Claiming and developing a Google profile for your business. If done correctly this will enable your business to be found on Google Plus, Google Maps, Google Maps mobile search as well as increasing your listing on the Google search engine if your business also has a website.


The opportunity Google is providing is especially beneficial for small business operators. The search habits for customers in recent years has rapidly changed onto the mobile internet. Local knowledge aside, if someone is looking for a product or service in your area, the search will be performed on a smart phone or tablet. Conventional advertising in newspapers and leaflet mail outs are still a viable and sometimes a necessary form of advertising for business. With today’s tech savvy and time poor community, I would argue that if your small business has a good online presence, conventional business advertising efforts will greatly improve.


Giving interested people the ability to virtually visit your shop, and confirm that you have what they desire, on a comprehensive and informative website. Also providing them with the information to know exactly where you are and when you are open saves many people the fear of wasting their time. Feedback channels are also an important new dimension for shoppers. Google Plus and Facebook have allowed many businesses to openly communicate with their potential and recent customers. Providing updates on sales, new stock items, feedback reviews and generally a source of relevant information.


Having a comprehensive listing with contact details and geographical directions to your shop front available on the search engines is increasingly important. To this I would say that a Google Plus presence is an essential service for business. However Google, though the biggest, is not the only search engine people use. Many of these services once listed on Google have the ability to list on other search engines. Bing and Yahoo are arguably the next largest search engines on the planet today. Yahoo search has merged with Bing to create a monster Search directory not to be ignored. Bing also has a linking and listing services available, with Bing Places for Business the suite provided to enable search listings for your business. The smart thing would be to ensure that all your business details and website site-maps are listed with both Bing and Google.


How well is your business situated in this new age of mobile searchability??

Has your business taken up the location search for local businesses??

Ultimately, who do you trust to do this for your business??


There is nothing preventing any business from setting up their own online presence. Google and Bing have almost made it so easy that anyone could do it. If time and confidence are stopping you from doing it yourself, their are many service providers who are able to assist in developing your online business profile.


Local Internet Presence Services are here to assist you to develop your online business profile. We have the tools and knowledge to create or update your website, integrate your Google and Bing profile and assist and train in the use of social media to best develop a positive social presence for your business.

Call today to allow us to show you what is possible and develop a plan to grow online.

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