Why Do I Need To Use SEO For My Website?

Website SEOWhat is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Search engines sort and rank all the pages on the web, so that when you search for a word or phrase the most relevant results are displayed. Google is the big daddy of today’s search engines, though most definitely not the only one. Bing, Yahoo and Yandex, to name but some of the larger search engines who operate on a global scale also provide results for searches. Many more more locally, geographical or language specific search engines also exist.

How Do Search Engines Work,

How Does That Affect My Website?

The good people at Search Engine Land have created a very clever video that gives some clear explanations on how a website might be affected and how search engines operate.

Watch the video below.

How Do I Get Some Search Engine Optimisation For My Website?

There are many companies that specialise in SEO. Understanding what drives a website higher in the rankings of Google is the culmination of many factors. Many can be controlled by the website owner / designer.


If a search engine is able to easily “crawl” a website it is then able to see what it is about. The design and structure of a website is therefore important.


The content of the site and how it is written is also important. As to date there is no relevance to grammar or punctuation. Filling a page with many repeated phrases to tell a search engine what your page is about can be seen as an attempt to game the algorithm, ( a very common SEO trick in the recent past that no longer works ). This could create a penalty, as it is not only unhelpful to the search engines, it is seen as unnatural language.


Original and fresh content is what people are looking for, as are search engines. If you simply copied and pasted articles, then posted them on your site, it will be seen as duplicate content. Even if it is a duplicate from another page on your site! Google especially, has made a lot of noise regarding the finding and penalising of sites that have duplicate content. It was another technique used by SEO’s in the past to game rankings.


World Wide WebAs a rule of thumb, a good website structure and design combined with natural, original and informative content should do well in searches.

If you have a website that has been set up and / or the content has been created with the intent of ranking in search engines with the SEO rules prior to July 2013, your site might have some problems.

Unfortunately some websites, even legitimate ones have been penalised for bad SEO practices and will never rank well again. Others have lost some ranking and just need a tune up and reset to redevelop their natural place in the rankings.
Here at LIP Services we want to focus on making local businesses be found on the web. Creating and developing that internet presence is important to maintain relevance and profile in today’s marketing world and should be part of any business’s promotion budget.

Feel free to contact us for a discussion on how LIP services might help you.

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