Simple Steps How To Create Your Business Website

Developing a website is not that difficult. There are many 16 year old high school kids able to do so.

Are you ready to allow anyone develop a website for you?

You know that having a website isn’t the solution to creating an online presence for your business. It is but one of a number of tools to develop and maintain your online presence. Having a website does give you a stable and central platform from which to base your online activities.

Your business website is something that needs to be unique to your business. After all your business is unique in its own way, you need that to be visible to all who visit.

Website Design - HTML5 codeCreating Your Website

Your website will become an extension of your business. A place to show visitors what you do, how you do it and why you are the best to solve their problems. A good layout combined with clear navigation and up to date relevant content to assist your visitor will best serve your business.

Having an active blog will also allow you to provide a personal side of the business. Talking directly to consumers of your industry and community. By providing accounts of your businesses accomplishments, client testimonials and your community involvement and activities. Your blog can have many varied focuses, all aimed to be of assistance to your visitor. Taking away the “business” facade and providing a human face for your business.


Good Search Engine Optimisation is important for any website. Though mostly a background issue of your website, learning the subtle techniques how to enable your site to perform best in the rankings is a must.
Creating a baseline of good practices on your website, allowing the search engines to readily index and list your website pages is paramount to a good website. Most of the base SEO settings are put in place when the website is set up. Others are good practice guidelines for pages and blog posts when they are created. When done right your website will have the best possible chance of being indexed properly by the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

How To Grow Your Website

Once your website is live, your website will become a dynamic part of your business. The content will aim to provide visitors the best available information they need to verify you are the right organisation to assist them with their problem. But how are they finding your website?

For this we will need to ensure all of your business directories are up to date and include your new email and website address. These would include Yellow Pages, True Local, suppliers and many other contact listing agents you have used to gain phone calls in the past. Developing these citation links to now include your website details will prove that your website is truly part of your business in the eyes of the search engines, giving you an increase in the search rankings.

Bringing It All Together

Your website is now ready to become the hub of your online presence. All your business social media platforms can link back to it. It is important to have all your business profiles reflect all of your contact details, email address, actual address, website URL and phone numbers. Even more important is that they are all the same and correct.

A good way to do link back to your site is to share every post made on your blog. Placing them on your social media channels over a period of time, including new content. This will provide easy access to your online information, even if people don’t visit your site regularly.

Now you know what you need to do to make your mobile business website effective.
Do you think you have the time to set up your website?
What if I were to show you how to set it up?

Education and Ongoing web support

Ongoing Support and Education

Education on an Hourly Rate

Rob at Local Internet Presence Services can provide you with the skill to develop, upgrade and maintain your website. We will sit next to you and train you how to do it.

Operating on an hourly rate we will show you how we build your website. This will save you hours of research and uncertainty, yet still providing you with the website you want and the skill to continue to expand it.

We use the self hosted WordPress platform for our websites. We use this because of it’s simple Content Management System, and complex configuring abilities, providing the best website available for the money, time and input skill. We can also provide follow up support and further training if necessary. Even if you were to then decide that you didn’t have the time to maintain your website, we can do that as well.

Local Internet Presence Services

Don’t be disappoint by cheap, ready made websites from suppliers who provide no support or training. With LIP Services you don’t buy a ready made website that is the same as other cookie cutter websites. You will have the inclusions you need and want. There will be no surprises or disappointment about the site you have received. You will have the satisfaction that you were involved throughout the process, that you had done it yourself, with our help.

Contact Rob at LIP Services on 0422 717 798 or drop us an email at [email protected]
Tell me what you want, we can discuss how we can work together to realise the website you need.

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