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Many Ways To Be Found, Are You Being Found On A Map

Being FoundSocial Media, Website, Billboards, Leaflets, Flyers and Yellow Pages ads are all designed to do only one thing. Allow you to create awareness of your business and services / products. The end game is to be found.

There is one simple “where am I” tool that can also be used, and is often overlooked. Maps. Google has integrated their maps with the entire Google toolbox. It is therefore important to claim your place on the Google map and give your customers another way to find you. Bing and Yahoo also have an integrated mapping system and why not utilise that as well. After all, Google is not the only player in the game.


Online Maps Business ListingHave You Claimed Your Map Presence?

Google and Bing do generate Business listings on their maps. These listings are generally bare minimum information, or even incorrect. To get the most benefit from this free service you need to claim that listing and enhance it to attract customers. The claiming of your map presence is then able to be integrated in to your overall marketing strategy online. As GPS map makers around the world also take information from these online giants, generating yet another method of being found.

Do You Know How You Are Searched?

Local Marketing FocusMany people are now also using their maps to locate local services on their mobile devices. As it is able to do both functions of finding a service, and providing a way to get there in one action.

Imagine you are in an unfamiliar part of town and needed a place to eat. Do you wait until you returned to where you know the restaurants, or would you look for one locally? How can you tell if that restaurant is any good? Social media recommendations from Google or Facebook might provide insight into how others have rated nearby restaurants.


Being found on the map for your service or product is only one way to stand out in your area. Are you too busy or successful enough to ignore it?

LIP Services are here to help. We can claim and integrate your map listing and put you on the map.

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