Online Map – Business Listings

Online Map – Business Listings

online mapHaving your business online is an important step. Having your business found in the real world is paramount. Many people carry around with them a smart phone with access to Google Maps, Bing maps or just the search engines like Google. It is imperative to have your business listed on these maps so that you are easily found by your customers, especially if you have a shop front or workshop.

Many of the general public will search for a service in their immediate vicinity. If you are not on the map, you will simply be overlooked. This becomes very important for food outlets and shops, this could become even more important to many brick and mortar businesses than a website itself.

If you have a website or would like to develop a website, a map listing can be incorporated onto your page so that there is no confusion to your location. The search results shown on Google and Bing provide a helpful nearby priority listing based on your location. With most mobile devices this is gathered by the inbuilt GPS, so accurate local listings will be displayed.

Creating or setting up your map location and business listing is a service we can provide for you.

If you wish for us to assist you with this please call Rob on 0422 717 798 or contact us on the form below.

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