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How Can Social Media Be Used To Market My Business?


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What is Social Media?

The three mainstream social media powerhouses today are Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. There are many more social websites and they all perform to a different demographic and function differently. The majority of the traffic and engagement is held by these three websites.

This trio of sites, as do many others, have some similarities. They all have the ability to create a profile, or online identity. The profile is then able to send out to the world any text, image of video in your own posting stream or timeline. These posting streams are able to be viewed by anyone you wish to include, depending on your profile settings, from anyone to only invited “friends”. You are then encouraged to friend people to share your content as well as follow others and have their stream feed onto your page. All posts are also able to be shared and liked, giving an live and interactive audience participation to the information shared. This then has the potential to go “viral”.


Social Media SignHow can Social Media help my business?

With all social platforms there is the ability to set up a profile which can be dedicated to your business. This the enables you to set up an interactive assistance feed where potential customers will be able to see your service and brand. When the public then join into your feed they automatically receive your helpful posts, and occasional promotional specials. The benefit is that you are already trusted enough to be on their feed line. This makes them qualified leads, and if they like or comment on your post it will then be shared to their network of friends as a recommendation. This is when it begins to get exiting, this is equivalent to word of mouth marketing. Facebook in particular is the monster of this phenomenon, providing an advertising platform that is linked within the sites normal pages. The advertising is also member specific as the profile provides demographic and geographic display targeting. With a lot of people on Facebook in excess of five hours per day on their mobile devices, can you really ignore this medium.


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I have a Facebook profile, why do I need a website again?

Facebook and the other social pages are a fantastic way to directly promote or engage with people, but what are you asking them to do? If you have a website that is integrated with your social pages, you will be able to send them directly to a sales or promotional page. This can also be more informative, less restrictive and easier to find in the future. Social media is not a good forum to sell, in fact it is discouraged. You are there to be a trusted “friend”. A trusted friend who recommends and advises people to visit your sales pages on your website.


The ability to create trust for your brand and service on mobile devices in a form they are already using, customers are more likely to be interested in your service. Combine this with the targeted advertising available for these people, and the potential of extra distribution of your message via shares and likes, business today can hardly be without either a website or a social presence.


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