Social Media Set Up and Integration

Social Media Set Up and Integration

Social Media Set upMany small business operators have seen the benefit of having an online presence well before committing to creating and maintaining a website. This is often done via social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumbler to name some of the more popular ones. They all provide a way for you to share your message and connect with people within an online community, hopefully providing a platform to find customers to further your business.

Each social media platform has it’s own dynamic, providing different ways to engage with the community. It is often argued that with such an active community there is no need to develop a website. Though potentially this could be correct, where do people go to learn of all of your offers and services.

A website should be your central hub for information, allowing the social media to then draw your customers in. In this manner there is no need to actually sell on the social media sites. Develop a personable identity that wishes to help the group out and that community will seek you out for your services. You have already proven to them that you are the expert and they know you from your interactions.

Websites need to be your sales and information tool. Providing an easy link and integration with your social networks. Developing a website to be easily linked to and from your social media platforms becomes more important if you have already developed a social presence. If you are still developing one, your website integration is even more important.

Setting up and linking your social profiles and your business profiles to your website can be tricky. These are services we can provide for you, so that you can then develop your community interaction and manage your online presence.

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