Website Design – Implementation

Website Design – Implementation.

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Providing website design and set up. Developing your business’s internet presence is more important now than ever before. Local business have a vast array of tools available to show customers who you are. Are you using them?

Local Internet Presence Services operates on the belief that business today needs to be found anywhere and any time. Today’s busy lifestyle and the culture of “Now” dictates that when someone is looking for a product or service they need the answers immediately.

Are customers finding the REAL you?

Customers today are also very research savvy. The availability of search engines and a vast amount of information, research is at their fingertips. This research, on products and services (including service providers!!) can assist them in their buying decision process.

Your on line presence is more important now than ever before. Developing and managing your on line profile aids the customer to know who you are. Increasingly people are searching on mobile devices, if your website is not mobile compatible you might as well not have one. Your website is your on line “Shop Front”. If you cannot be found readily, you just don’t exist.

Can I help you?

With consultation, we strive to develop a design that both captures the essence of your business and your business culture. Together, we can present your business in a manner so that customers will “get” who you are, and trust you enough to do business with you.

If you currently do not have a website we can assist you to create your presence. If you have an aging site, we can redesign your site to bring in new customers.

So you need a new website?

The development of a new website is an important step in the process of creating an online presence. The website then needs to be hosted on an internet server so that it becomes public and accessible to the general public.

Don’t panic, L.I.P. Services is able to assist you with placing your website on a server. Whether you choose to host with us or want to use a large brand company’s services, we can help you with your set up.

Development of a website enables you to upload the information that is important to you and your business.  To do this properly some structure and planning is required. Basic housekeeping, like a filing system, makes the website easy to use and easy for the search engines to find. This will involve some On Page SEO.

Once you have your website up and running some promotion may be required. Search engines rank websites in order of relevance and authority. A fresh new website will have relevance to the search, only if that text is on the page. Authority is something that must be drawn from other websites. this is known as back links. Back links is a process known as Off Page SEO.

Do You Have Time To Look After Your Website?

To have your website growing in authority and ranking for more terms in the search engines, you will need to update and maintain it. Your website is after all another addition to your sales staff. The better the information it can divulge to your visitors the better it can sell your business. Ideally this is done by adding content on a regular basis. Though this can be time consuming, it should be an important part of promotion strategy. Done right this will provide you with a strong and informative website with good influence and authority.

Website maintenance is not difficult or even hard to learn. Like most other things, if you prefer not to do this, perhaps we can assist you with your website maintenance.

Feel free to contact us to provide you with a quote or an explanation on how we can develop your on line presence.

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