Promoting your website

Promoting your website.

Promoting your websiteHaving a website is much like having a billboard. It will only be visible by those who can find it. If your billboard is on a ‘B’ road in the country, there is not going to be much traffic to see your sign, unless you direct people to it. Promoting your website is much the same. You have a valuable resource you wish to share with others with the general aim of promoting your business. Having people find that resource means promoting your site to have it found.

There are many ways to promote a website. Ideally your website will become ranked and liked by the big search engines so that it is displayed on the first page of a search. This does not just happen. There are many factors in play, and the goal posts are changing continuously by the search engines. The one constant is that the major search engines all are trying to provide good quality, relevant information strongly related to the search posed to it. There are many Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques that can make your website more liked by the search engines. Some on your website and others working on your sites relationship to other websites.

Failing that, there are many ways of promoting your website, and your business.

  • Paid advertising using Google Adsence, Facebook ads or Banner ads.
  • Actively promoting on forums and groups, where that is allowed.
  • Displaying your business website in the physical world, on your vehicle, shop front or on your standard stationary or flyers.
  • E-mail marketing or standard mail marketing.
  • Being a contributor within a local forum or local social media group, developing your reputation and availability.

The aim is to develop an awareness to your business so that your website can sell it. If no one can find your website or your business, you are simply not going to find any customers.

If you are looking to develop ways to promote your business website to create more leads.

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