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Website Maintenance

Running your website.

Website MaintenanceA website is not the same as a billboard on the highway. The general purpose might be the same, generating awareness in your product or service so that you can attract business. I’m afraid that this is where the similarities end. A website should be a living breathing sales person for your business.

If you ask yourself what a sales person or spruiker for your business should know, this is what should be on your website.

Often a customer will have a question about your services, location and operating hours. These are easily addressed on a website. How about answering the questions clients don’t ask directly? Is there a “free” informational service that you could provide to site visitors? Do you think this could make a favourable impression?

For this reason your website should not be considered a set and forget proposition. Regular updates and finding ways to add value to your clients can assist in you ranking better in Google, as well as developing a level of trust, providing confidence for new customers to consider using your services.

For this reason we develop our websites on arguably the easiest Content Management Software (CMS) WordPress. WordPress is one of those packages that can be made as simple or as difficult as you let it be. A powerful tool to manage your website, easily operated by even a novice, with a little training.

L.I.P. Services is happy to teach, as well as take care of all your future website updates. We will always provide assistance if required.

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