Sphere Construction Logo Video Reveal

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Sphere Construction Style Animated Logo Reveal


Enhance your presentation video with an Animated Logo Reveal.

Grab your viewers attention and make your Brand stand out.


Sphere Construction Style Animated Logo Reveal

Do you do any kind of video marketing or presentations? If you don’t, why not???

This animated logo reveal can be incorporated into your video, giving a professional branding message at the opening of your presentation.

Have your LOGO revealed with the spinning construction of your logo in this Sphere Construction Logo Reveal Animation.

This animated logo reveals your logo as shown in the video above, complete with audio soundtrack.

Ideal for:

  • Presentations
  • YouTube Channel Videos
  • Sales and Marketing Videos
  • Your Website

The video is presented in MP-4 format so that it can be used in any video editing software

I can also provide the logo reveal as a GIF.

What I require to produce the animated logo reveal:

  • Your Logo Image; best quality available in .png format with transparency. Image preference is to be 2048 pixels wide.


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