Social Media Marketing for Tradies and Small Business

Tradies with a vanMarketing, especially Social Media Marketing is very important for Tradies. Your reputation can be tarnished, contained or made to shine bright by being active in social media.

As a tradie your business revolves around your ability to respond to the problems people face in their homes or business. This could mean that you are on the road or working on site a lot of the time. It isn’t just those of a trade background that face this in their day to day dealings. From general maintenance services like home handyman, garden maintenance, house cleaners and dog walkers to professionals like bookkeepers and financial services advisors.

Being out is a good thing. This means you are busy. When you are not so busy your advertising and promotional tactics really need to be active to keep the work flowing. Having and using your promotional budget to market yourself and your business is a critical part of maintaining a constant flow of work. Not all of it can be done with money. Social Media marketing takes time.

Marketing yourself on social media is often one of the first steps in developing your business today. Getting yourself and your business out in front of your target audience provides you with the ability to connect and have your name and service known in your community.

Providing an online presence is almost mandatory. The constant increase of mobile online searches, being found on mobile is also important. Search engines are taking into account the reviews, recommendations and mentions a business has, as well as the location in which the search is performed when they rank the results of search phrases. It is no coincidence that Social Media Proof has become the catch cry of marketers, since the search engines are now really taking notice of this.

Do you need help setting your business up on Social Media?

A Social Profile is not just good to advertise in front of your local community group, having a Social Profile will also provide a search engine listing, but which Social Media Platform is best for your business? I would currently recommend Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Google+ to gain traction and promote a listing in the Search Engines, Facebook just to have a profile on the largest active social platform on the planet and Twitter to be able to drip feed snippets about what interests you and involves your business.

In reality it doesn’t matter much. Most often a combination is required to capture the best influence and social proof. However you do need to make an effort to be active. Not ‘post every 15 minutes’ active, but setting a time to have a look and respond, share and add to your profile page is a good activity to show you are real. This can be scheduled by several tools.

Having a presence will give you a means of directing visitors to your website, as well as your contact details. Better than all of that is that good and satisfied customers can and should be encouraged to provide positive feedback, to reinforce to visitors that you are the one they need to contact.

Social Media provides you the opportunity to communicate directly with the people in your neighbourhood, developing a reputation as the ‘GO TO’ guy regarding your service. Being found on a search engine search is a wonderful bonus. The social element of these platforms also provides the potential for your post to be shared amongst friends, friends of friends and acquaintances. Giving you much more exposure than you could plan for.

In all there are many positives in being active on one or more social media platforms. For a small business to ignore the potential of social media could be very detrimental to the success of that business. If not for the leads, the reputation building and networking within the community should be benefit enough.

Are you on social media? If not you should be.



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