Having Your Business Found Online Is More Important Now Then Ever

Do you know what level of exposure your business has on the internet?

Do you think this is an important advertising medium for your business?

Most small business owners will discount the necessity to promote their business online. Some interesting facts about online search activities relating to local business.

If you consider;The Importance Of Being Found Online For Business

  • 88% of consumers who search for a local business on their mobile will call or visit that store. (Google Mobile Study 2011)(1)
  • 70% of mobile searches are followed up with an action within 1 hour (Bing Review)(1)
  • 43% of all internet searches use a local keyword. (1)
  • 86% of those convert to a call or visit to the business.(1)
  • 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.(2)

Are you sufficiently promoting your business online?

Your business is probably already online with a Yellow Pages ad. Yellow Pages went online several years ago, they know that this is the what is required today.

Do you still think having your business listed online is an option? The success of your business could very well depend on it.

How do you develop an online presence?

Multiple business citations. Have your business listed in as many relevant online business listings as you can find.

The Importance of Being FoundBusiness Citations.

Develop multiple social media profiles, aimed at creating awareness of your business and brand. Share your business and personal stories behind your business, from the owner to the employees, social events and activities you support. Communicate as you would when you are speaking to an individual, not as a “brand”.

Online Maps.

Have you claimed or listed your business on Google or Bing maps search yet? Considering that if a search is done on a mobile device a local business listing is automatically provided by these major search engines. If you have not listed your business on either of these online map platforms you could be missing a large number of local customers.

Email Marketing.

Tell your ongoing business purpose, story, news and specials via email. With email marketing you can invite customers and interested visitors to engage with your business by enrolling into an email list. Once you have their email details you can and should give them value. This can be in the form of general advice, discounts, short term offers, news and updates relating to your business, industry and community. By maintaining contact you will be in the forefront of their mind, providing the opportunity for them to continue their relationship with you. Potentially providing you with leads (because your business is so awesome), or sales.

Business Website.

Develop a website to centre all of your online presence and contact details. Show who you are, what you do and how you can assist with the problems facing those looking to use your products and services. A website will give you a central hub for all of your online marketing endeavours. As your website grows, with a growing library of advise and solutions, your business will developing a reputation to help and problem solve for your online community.

Do you see now that the importance of being found online is worth the work?

Can your business afford to miss these customers?

Would you like to engage with these consumers better?

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We will help you look after your online presence.

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