Online Presence Development

Having a strong and consistent online presence will allow your business to present you to the world.

Your online sales representative

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Finding Clients

Your business can only continue if you are able to find and develop clients or customers.

We can help develop a cost effective promotion, information capture and lead nuturing system to grow your business online.

Make Your Brand Logo Come Alive

Your Logo visually carries your business, being a visual representation and recognisable icon of it.

Even if you don’t engage in some video advertising and promotions, [PS, you really should!!] your logo should POP.

We can provide the visual animations that will bring life to your Logo, enhancing your businesses brand.

LIP Services

Promoting Your Local Business Online

Local Internet Presence Services can develop your local business online profile on the most commonly used Content Management System, CMS used online by business and bloggers world wide, WordPress. LIP Services can set up and host your businesses online information portal and promotion tools to broaden your business’s reach and reputation.

Your business is largely dependent upon your local community. developing a reputation as the “go to” business in your field takes time. It is therefore imperative that you promote your business to your local community effectively.

-Do you know where your customers are searching for your services?

-Do your customers know how to find and contact you?

-Does your community know what you can do for them?

-Can you explain what you and your business represent?

By  giving your business a channel to communicate with your local community, you are then better able to assist your community. This will provide your business brand awareness, respect and a level of authority in your field. These are all good for generating business.