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LIP Services Text LogoL.I.P. Services. Be found, and have people talking about YOUR business.

Local Internet Presence Services is owned and operated as a small business, for small business, to provide website assistance. Have your local business talked about.
Small business is now in the fight of its life. Competing with large corporations and franchises, it is becomes increasingly difficult. Their advertising budgets can be greater than some small businesses earn in a year. The internet has become the great leveler.

Your Business Doesn’t Have A Website!

Website Development And ImplementationA good website with some clever Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), combined with a good social media presence, can be seen by more potential customers. By focusing on a local targeted audience with tools like, Facebook, Google Plus, Google Maps as well as Google authorship, you can again be regarded as the expert in your field, in your area.
Your shop front can now become digital, allowing you to be found anywhere, anyhow. By Mobile Phone, Tablet, Computer as well as your physical shop front or business.
L.I.P. Services is in business to help your business be found and develop a presence online. We can assist you with obtaining a web address or URL, assist you with development of informational pages and provide hosting of your website.

Does Your Business Have An Under Performing Website?

If you already have a website, and feel it is not performing as you like, we can help. L.I.P. Services is happy to provide assistance in the optimisation of your website to allow your potential customers to find you. Perhaps your site is ageing and not looking as good as more modern sites. We are able to update and make a site that is more current to the services you now provide.

Social Engagement For My Business

Social Media Marketing And Set upSocial media now has a large focus for referral traffic. It only makes sense that if you have a social media presence to incorporate it into your website, developing your good will and spreading your word. If you don’t have a social media presence we can help establish your Facebook and Google Plus pages for your business and incorporate them into your website. Local social reputation can greatly develop your business, after all, you are the best in your field with a strong sense of customer satisfaction. Show it.

Is Your Business On The Map?

Local Map Search Set UpMobile online services like Google, Apple and Microsoft all have there own online maps and business listings. As this sounds like a no brainer, having your business listed on these online maps can only be good for business.

Google is the big daddy in the map business, combined with their search engine, they can influence your visibility online immensely. Although Google does list companies in these maps automatically, the information is drawn from other online listings. This can in turn be out of date or worse, just wrong. What many fail to understand is that you as a business owner is able to claim your maps listing. Or if you haven’t been added, list your business your self.

Doing this allows you control of the details displayed.

  • Images
  • Open times
  • Your own business story
  • History
  • Links to your website

This is an invaluable resource that too many are passing up on. Have you claimed your listing yet? If not why not?

Of course L.I.P. Services can help you with your listing.

How Much Does It Cost?

With several years of website development experience, we are able to provide an interactive and easy to update website. We can teach you to update and maintain your site, or offer you the service for us to do so, maintaining a live and current informative website for your clients or customers. You are after all focused on working your business.
Setting up and maintaining a website doesn’t need to be expensive. As your business needs for a website is individual to you, a standard “cookie cutter” fixed price could leave you wondering why you didn’t get this or that. Alternatively, with some of the possibilities of websites today you might also be short changing the potential of your website. For that reason L.I.P. Services provides a personal service to show you what is possible, to allow you to tailor your site to your requirements and budget.

Allow us to bring your online vision to life, and create a greater audience to your service. Local Internet Presence Services, here to help you to your next step to maintaining your businesses competitive edge.

Contact us via the Contact page or call for a chat, to see how we might be able to help your business.

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